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To the OP, I agree with the above commenters, I would have left long before that as well.
I have never done a rage quit. Only in LI our random group failed sometimes, but then the whole group left the FP as we came to the conlusion we can't make it in the current team setup.

The funniest thing I ever had was in an operation with some randoms. We played Denova SM and had a lot of fun, though I wondered why no one did a rage quit. The tank one heal and one DD were funny and made a lot of jokes and did not concentrated on the game. So basically every mob was pulled and usually then when no one expected. When we reached the mine field for example one of our team started accidentionally the boss encounter when no one was ready and some people did not even got explained how it works, as they have never had played Denova before. It was the most chaotic operation I have ever played. In addition the main tank suggested to not use any CC as this is more fun. He told us something like "CC is against my religion!" Of course this made things not easier but as most players had quite decent gear it was possible, as it was only SM. So many funny things and of course some wipes happened until we won the OP. Nevertheless it was probably the funniest OP I have ever played.
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Personally I've had quite a mix of issues using group finder, either tanks specced for DPS and in DPS gear or Sorcs / Operatives specced as DPS and queuing as healers. Anymore for a FP, I will try to stick with it and work through, but if I'm going to PUG an operation, I'll look at the gear specifically on the tanks and healers and decide. If I see something I don't like I will bow out as gracefully as possible, but I don't suffer massive repair bills for anything other than guild and friend related operations..
I do the same although the repair bills are not the issue. The problem is that it is usually not possible to finish operations and also LI if the players have not chars with the right skills for their role. I know this because I also sometimes list as a heal in FPs if I can not find a group as DD for a longer time. In FPs beside LI this works with sufficient gear and if the other players do not have very weak gear. For OPs I do not think this is possible as important skills are missing.