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Hmm...the more I see the direction BioWare is taking with this game, the obvious drop-off in quality, and the drastic change in direction the development staff seems to have taken...the less I see myself sticking around after I finish off the class stories (which after a year, I'm close to being done with them). Even the trailers have taken a quality hit here.

And I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that EAWare is going to abandon the class stories completely in favor of alien-dialogue driven dailys and pre-recorded gender/class one-liners.

I more than got my fair share of BioWare-quality story fix from this game so its kind of sad to see it die. Makeb, Section X, and HK-51 are the best non-OP story-based content we have to look forward to? Yikes...So I guess...enjoy the cartel packs and Darth Nihilus masks? Or something?
QFE. You continue to disappoint, Bioware. Starting from the top

1.4- You Broke so many things that I felt it borderline unbearable to play, to finish the only character i've wanted to touch since launch.

Pvp- hey guys, lets make Ilum absolutely worthless and obsolete, and completely inconsequential to pvp, cause our warzones were designed so well and whatnot.

And now, Cartel gimicks? As if I didn't hate Black core crystals enough, you add a sith flavored scooty puff junior, more pets that serve less purpose than obama, and the Promise of dissapointing endgame advances. Depression strikes me, Bionic Arts, maybe you should've let bioware do what they were doing, instead of creating a game suited to the ever present More money less think players.