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It does get better but it is going to be painful. Snipers are fairly weak in recruit gear (which is a pretty huge shock, coming from the lowbie bracket where snipers can rip though the competition).

Stealth classes are the sniper's hard counter and assassins in particular have great defensive cooldowns to negate what snipers are trying to do.
Assassins in particular? Nah. They're a tough fight,-- the second hardest -- but as an engineer I win a good proportion of my matches against them. (I want to say "half my matches," but that may be my ego / confirmation bias talking ) DPS scoundels/ operatives are the snipers' true bane. You can't ever get them at a distance and they have better opening burst that you can't recover from. I win maybe 10% of my duels against comparably geared DPS scoundrels/operatives. (And frankly, those victories may have been the DPS op feeling sorry for me)

The ones who are real jerks will flashbang you in a duel once entrench wears off and then heal up.

But yeah, the TLDR on snipers is that there is a very hard gearcheck on hitting 50. It takes some misery to gear up and be useful again.
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