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I agree with the above poster, it should start when we get our ship be it lvl 14-16 but at the point you get your ship either way. I think it should be changed in the new system if or when it comes that we can have alternative ships but within the class mission system it JUST requires us to use those that ship for those missions, it wouldnt require it for all quests either aslong as a room or rooms within the ship had the same model where it allowed.

Adding a free flowing space game with sandbox eliments of playerhousing via space station etc would expand the game to not just a wider market but would also bring alot of players back especially with the F2P model where players could play the space game and use the space missions pass as an extra way to get ship equipment.

And as it stands it is the best value for money development Bioware could do without totaly redesigning the land based game which could have as much of a negative effect as a positive one.
yeah, i don't think the land based game needs re-designing, just the usual sort of improvements you would expect to come with an expansion, a better game system, some cool new abilities, animations and features, i for one would love to see force jump. Force jump is such a large part of force users, it's absence in swtor is felt, and just because it wasn't available in the single player old republic games, doesn't mean it shouldn't re-appear, and certainly more cool animations like somersaults, flips, and acrobatic movements are always cool to watch...for land based action.

I wouldn't mind space 2.0 coming fully into the game from scratch, but wouldn't it be a better idea to restrict space exploration missions and compound missions like huge battles till ground character level 50? You don't want to overload a new player with too many new things at first, so while you're dazzled by the new version of space right from the start, you only actually get to level your shop and upgrade it when your ground character hits 50. Then you can progress from space combat 2.0 single man type battles to space exploration, space exploration missions, space combat missions, and space battles, gaining levels with your ship and now expanding that play. Because you have the time for it. So you can choose your end game experience and have almost like a new game to play starting at 50. A provision they can make is to have low level characters have access to space exploration missions, if you already have one character at 50.

They could also make it only accessible on subscription, but if you get it then switch to free to play, you can retain it in preferred status with some restrictions, or just make it exclusively subscription, but allow the universal space combat games to be F2Play, they are options there no?