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11.13.2012 , 04:34 PM | #4
btw.. i never played SWG, so when i say SWG experience, I simply mean, a proper space experience. You can move in space with your ship manually to get to worlds, you have space exploration, space looks a lot better than it does currently, surely it isn't that graphically intensive to have it look like a movie.

It will certainly be in 3 dimensions, and in many respects, good space should be easy to do, because the only animations that are occurring will be the ships when they're engaging in combat, you don't have trees, and upteen number of other details.

The idea is you can get proper space battles now, team up with friends to do space ambushes, dog fights, hide in asteroids etc, use different ships with different capabilities, designing interiors is like designing a house, - but what would be lovely would be seeing proper renderings of worlds, rather than the really poor ones in game, and being on a space station feels like being on one. Also space exploration type missions, I assume that this is the sort of thing SWG had?