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won't it blow every other mmo out of the market by finally providing a truly engaging full end game progression while at the same time addingi an element that is entirely missing from nearly all the major mmo games like Wow, GW2, Rift, Aion, LotrO etc ???

Space is star wars' biggest asset, and ToR is a great game, in m opiion better than wow in so many ways, and was better than cataclysm wow in nearly every aspect, but space plays such a small role, and playing through it you kind of feel disconnected from space. You don't relaly get that space feeling even when you're on your ship or the space station, you can't explore space, and space combat is so limited.. where are the massive battles? or playing hide and seek or just travelling?

You go from beautifully designned worlds, but the space imagery is so poor, the pictures of the planets look heavily 2-D pixelled, you can't fly down through the atmosphere or be seen flying up through it into space. You want the sort of view astronauts get of earth, and you want to be able to move through.

What if you had an SWG like experience that only started at level 50? Hit level 50, and you can start levelling your ship, progress to different fighter type jets, cruise ships etc and now you level you go up in ship levels, designed in such away that you shouldn't reach max ship level before the first expansion came out unless you palyed every day for 16 hrs only doing space exploration /battles & missions. The space dimension doesn't need an end game, so you don't need to design one per say for it, the ground game will continue to provide more Ops, flashpoints and warzones and the occasional new section of an existing world of solo-ist, but you can have this whole new dimension to stick your teeth into, with cool looking space ships, a really stunning looking spce view.

it would be awesome, and no one else will have that available. It can work with starwars, and might be much easier to do than you think.. it can give ToR quite the edge over its competitors whiles also creating the ultimate star wars experieence. Now with the new pricing model for subscription, how much of a boost do you think bioware would get if the space levelling was only available to subscribers?