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On the Republic side a Republic Spy
Playstyle - Damage (DPS) or Healer
Similar to the Imperial Agent with the exception of being dual wielding
Weapons: Dual wielding, Main stat Aim
DPS would have the option of wielding a blaster rifle for ranged fights or a blde/staff for melee fights
Healer would receive a blaster rifle or pistols
Gear would be medium gear for both healer/dps
Story: Self Explanatory. Embedded in Imperial circles to try to counteract the effects of the Imperial agents damage done over the years.

A mirror for this class could be a crime lord type class for Imperial side. Rise to the ranks of a Crime lord being paid by the Empire and it's allies to attack the Republics settlements and military throughout the galaxy.

On the Imperial Side
Playstyle - Tank or Damage (DPS)
Weapons: Dual Wielding, Main Stat Aim
Tanks a Sword/blade type weapon for up close melee fights and shotgun or cannon for ranged fights (Obviously there would be a loss for tanking with a cannon or shotgun type weapon and bonus for taunting/keeping aggro fighting up close)
DPS gets dual wielding blasters or sawed off shotguns with extra armor damage for ranged fights or a blade type weapon for up close fights
gear would be heavy for both classes
Story: The Empire is getting desperate in it's last hour and seeking help from all walks of life including a Pirates who they use to use hit and run raids/guerilla tactics on the Republic. Looking for wealth and glory the pirate is willing to do things get what he wants.

A mirror for this class could be a Merchant type class or a Entreprenuer for Republic side. Perhaps a story could revolve around a Merchant or Entrepreneur being wronged by the Empire and seeking revenge sides with the republic to get even and bring pain to the Empire.
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