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11.13.2012 , 03:54 PM | #119
You know I can't believe people are still crying about this clas even after all the nerfs we've gone through. Rather than complain on the forums, learn to play. Unfortunately firmly QQers Bioware knows the class functions and that it is not overpowered. That's why there isn't a healing block dying UR, because that would break annihilation and watchman specs. To those complaining about our 6 second camo, its 6 seconds! Other classes have permanent stealth if they choose to use it. It's also instrumental in how we decimate those Knockback prone snipers and gunslingers.

Bottom line, the stuff you are whining about isn't going to be changed. It would break the class. Watchman already received a nerf to our burn damage. We all received a nerf to force camo damage reduction, and we all received a nerf to gbtf/ur. You can literally stun it for the whole duration with one stun now. Complaining about pocket healers could work for anyone. News flash, not every marauder or sentinel runs around with dedicated heals. Some of us do it on our own. When a watchman or annihilation activates UR and sets off heals, immunity lasts for only 4 seconds. Stun them, then finish them off. You have a medpac use it. Learn to play, don't complain because you were outplayed. People need to stop whining so much. Enough is enough.
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