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Q time would be shorter with separated Q's, since more players would be PVPing. More and more ppl are quitting PVP due to the lack of balance with premade vs PUGs. Just search the forums and compare the posts that likes PVP as it is today compared with posts demanding for separation.

Your argument is thereby dead.
Most people I know left PvP because of lack of competition.... not balance.

The other side of that argument is that you and players like you who lack effort and competitiveness are killing PvP populations.

It's all about perspective and I'm sure we're both right to some degree. My point is... this idea wouldn't help as much as you think. I've said it many times already but it would anger more than it would please. Just because you and your band of merry men scream louder than others in the forums... keep in mind the PvP forums are probably 5% or less of PvP'ers in game. Not only that... but I see more people disagreeing with these threads than agreeing. You and the ones who agree with you just post more and make more threads...

Making as much noise as many people does not actually make you equivalent to more people.