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They knew that and they were simply using him to make benefit.
I recall Servant One mentioning that, since the Emperor has been in seclusion for decades now without any direct word from him, some members of the Dark Council (like Ravage) just desperately wanted to believe in the "return" of the Voice of the Emperor and readily accepted Baras' claim to being just that.

It's just so funny that, when you think about it, Baras' "interpretation" of the Voice is absolutely nothing like the actual Voice of the Emperor. Baras considers the Voice to be merely the spokesperson for the Emperor and can simply get away with everything by arguing that the Emperor gave him instructions ("The Emperor will inform me what is to be done with Vowrawn"), while the real deal is in fact the Emperor himself and is to be regarded as such. The only non-player character that gets that is Angral curiously enough.
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