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Agree to disagree because this will only go back and forth. I do agree with the suggestion by another poster that to bring other classes up to the marauders level, but since they nerfed PT's it seems they want to go down that path rather than buffing classes.

Don't touch the marauders damage output, but tweak the def CD's they get. I already suggested what should be done about those CD's without hindering them in PVE. You gotta remember it's a pure DPS class, I don't see snipers having this much defense but their output is stellar, as it should be.
Agreed, but I don't think any of them really need to be changed or removed, simply longer cooldowns. CoP is up every minute and can last as long as 30 seconds depending on the competence of the opponent. Saber Ward is probably the only cooldown I wouldn't extend at all, it is well balanced and shared by jugg/guardian. The strictly PVE people I roll with were shocked when it was suggested to use UR when kephess leaps at them in TFB, they don't even have it keybound. They only use force camo when pulling aggro from the tank and pop one of CoP or SW if there is a cleave or unavoidable damage coming. I don't think changing DCDs will have any significant impact on PVE content other than leveling for less skilled players and let's face it, we're really not balancing things for leveling anyway.
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