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i use a Arse Merc....and in some cases shoulder slam is actaully my most damaging ability...however i cannot get it to work in pvp. i can use any stun i have on any None Boss and none Elite Mob and shoulder slam procs.(not really a proc i know...but you get the point) but in pvp i can stun you all day and it doesn't "proc", now i also have an assassin, and his mirror ability is Tulmit? i think the spin kick thing when i pvp with him i can stun someone and use it. is that how its supposed to work? Bounty Hunters get screwed and everyone else can joyride? (btw i have both a 50 Merc and PT...and neither can use Shoulder slam in pvp) is it supposed to work this way? i would love some input...or insight into the minds of the Creators of this class.
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