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Hey, This isn't some post whining about how "X is overpowered than Y, Nerf Z." or "These people are being too tactical, nerf grouping"

I'm just curious. My sniper hit 50 yesterday, go and is my favorite one yet, However he's also my only toon i really PVP with Grabbed the recruit gear, and i notice that even the tanks seem to hit me for 5000k(+) easily, while i can't even pray to get a 2500.

I'm pretty sure i'm playing my class "Right" Maybe not the optimal rotation. But i know i'm probably not doing anything -wrong-

Example: I see an assassin coming for me, I cover pulse him, hit him with crit snipe >Ambush> FT and he doesn't even lose a quarter of his health. Now all my heavy hitters are on cooldown, He's fine, and then proceeds to hit me for 10k in a 5-second interval. Shield does nothing, Die instantly.

I know recruit gear sucks, But once i get Battlemaster will i finally be able to dish out the hurt? Or will i still get stomped, Just -less- stomped? I can handle getting focused, but when i have the range advantage, I'd like to think the sniper could handle 1v1 very easily.

If the battlemaster gear will -really- help me out, What would be the best upgrade path to take? Field tech or medic? The only BM gear i have is the Enforcer's Sniper Rifle, Everything else is recruit (For pvp)

Edit: Guess i should -probably- post my spec, I run pure marksman with energy tanks and the crit talent from lethality.

Assuming each one is played correctly, are lethality and marksman on equal ground for PVP? Other topics with that argument really seem to lack any data.
It does get better but it is going to be painful. Snipers are fairly weak in recruit gear (which is a pretty huge shock, coming from the lowbie bracket where snipers can rip though the competition).

Stealth classes are the sniper's hard counter and assassins in particular have great defensive cooldowns to negate what snipers are trying to do.

My suggestion is going a 10/31/0 with points in marksmen for knockback on ambush, balastic dampeners for improved damage reduction and armor pen on ambush. This makes you more "tanky" and able to take some hits. the slows you have will allow you to move yourself into better position while avoiding most melees.

If you are only going to get battlemaster, you will still probably need to augment it. The extra health and main stats make a huge difference but it can be a bit costly (prob around 1.3-1.5m credits for all your items)

Play objectively. Engineers are probably the best node denial/utility advance class in the game with all their AoEs and help focus down other teammates targets and you will be fine. once you get out of recruit you will realize its alot better. Just try to avoid those smash jugs/maras. Even fully geared they hit majorly hard.