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11.13.2012 , 03:08 PM | #734
The one constant thing I see here, and in the WZ's are people calling others bad, terrible, suck, horrible, questioning their reasoning / strategy or basic logic a lot! I'm not innocent...I've done it myself, but lately I've decided to help instead of insult. Everyone has falling in love with the insult. It makes them sound important or powerful. It happens in every multi-player game console or PC.
In 10-49 WZ's you are going to have inexperienced players, because A. new character, B. lack of PvP(most PvE) experience, or C. first MMO + A & B. In terms of 50 PvP....if you combine A,B, n C from 10-49 and if they have not saved their comms to at least purchase 4-5 pcs of BM, then you will have fresh recruit geared players with less skill. Even a (so called) skilled player with 4-5 pcs of BM will get crushed 1v1, but a skilled player will never engage foolishly. So to any "NEW 50" or PvP'r out there. 1. Pick your battles, and understand you will probably not win 2.
The Grind to be "Elite" or have BiS slot is not meant to be easy, so don't expect to get there QUICKLY or without help(see #3) 3. Join a Guild that does PvP. It might not be one of the elite PvP guilds, but playing with a group(even not BiS geared) is better than PVPing solo(even if it 2 or 3) 4. STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE SAYING YOU SUCK! If you responded to every silly thing someone says(even tho it might be true), then just stop PvP'g now 5. Your going to lose WZ matches...get used to will happen often, and again....if you can't handle another game or stop playing MMO's all together, because it happens in every game.