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11.13.2012 , 03:05 PM | #10
I thought the old gear system was confusing with all the different tokens, comms and the such. Most of your gear arguments are based on being valor 60, which to us that did that grind then know that it is as rough as going from 80-95 or so. Some ppl; myself included, didn't pvp much till 50, so imagine grinding that out in pve gear.

The rng was horrible. I was at 57ish and had 6 or 7 pieces of champ gear while my buddy at 30 had 13. I went on a 41 bag streak of nothing but nothing or relics (which is worse than nothing if u have yours already). My other friend needed 3 pieces of gear, opened the bags from the weekly (4) and got all three from those (and the fourth bag gave a duplicate). Yeah when u got to 60 the gear system wasn't too bad with the trade ins.