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I do agree with the suggestion by another poster that to bring other classes up to the marauders level, but since they nerfed PT's it seems they want to go down that path rather than buffing classes.

Don't touch the marauders damage output, but tweak the def CD's they get. I already suggested what should be done about those CD's without hindering them in PVE. You gotta remember it's a pure DPS class, I don't see snipers having this much defense but their output is stellar, as it should be.
This is true sadly, but I think most will agree PTs were too easy to do well with. I really hope Bioware stops constantly nerfing, not fun for anyone.

Snipers actually have a lot of defense, just not in the form of cooldowns. With tonnes of roots, knockbacks, absorbs, white damage avoidance, cover, etc they are very strong defensively. Maras are still stronger defensively, but as a melee dps this is how it should be. As an aside, mercs need some of these
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