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More and more of these threads popping up... from people who are already commenting on this thread.

You people realize that when you win it's often because you have a pre-made on you side. I hate to generalize but I have a hard time believing that the majority of people asking for a solo bracket queue are above average players. I'd love to see some matches made from the people for it against the people against it. I know who I'm betting on.

And again... sorry for the generalization but I've noticed a lot of the same names in these threads are the same names that promoted the "sub 50 is more balanced and fun than post 50" threads. The 10-49 bracket is literally littered with horrible players so my generalization does have some validity... I'm sure it doesn't apply to all... but I'd bet it applies to most.

Anyone who says they want a PvP experience more like a sub 50 PvP experience is basically saying they want to play with more people who are simply bad at this game... ignore objectives, click, keyboard turn, no idea about rotations/priorities, etc. I play a lot of lowbie PvP since I just don't quest... like at all. I've made it to level 40 on my latest alt with almost no PvE. I've seen what's in there.. it's bad. And in case anyone forgot the relevance of this... most of you promoting this "easy mode" queue... are the same people that promoted the "sub 50 is more balanced" threads.

My suggestion is get better... and I'm sorry. But this is a team based game and getting better involves... well... a team. Those same pre-mades that you guys are frustrated about when you lose... are the same pre-mades that you love when you win. Sometimes they're on your team... sometimes they're not.

What I'm trying to say is... if you're complaining about this... it's probably NOT YOU that's changing the tide of your games. You're relying on your team to do the work for you... and I base this on you asking for the skill level to be brought DOWN. That's exactly what this is... you want the skill level lowered so your chances of winning increase. This is not something a capable player will ask for... so when many of us shut this idea down as nonsense. Maybe that will help you understand why. It's not an insult... just an observation.

Having a solo queue will not change much... only now it will be good players... instead of good teams. When I'm solo, I pretty much know whether it's a win or loss by the players on my team... pre-made or not. A guild name says it all... and whether they are in groups or solo... the skill level doesn't change. Skill runs in herds, as do bads. All I need to do is see a guild name above ONE players head and I know whether it's a good or bad thing.

Don't expect the game to increase your chances to win... it won't work. Do it yourself... take control of the situation and YOU increase your chances to win. Online games do NOT have difficulty setting... there is no easy mode.
I'm actually seeing less good premades these days. I actually dread seeing 4 people on my team from a few certain guilds. It's often autoloss when that happens. Other than that I've become a pro quitter these days. No communication = instant drop from warzone unless I invested too much time in the wz already. But you can tell within the first minute if your team is full of non English speaking people (shy perhaps?) doing their own race and not being team players. Maybe it's a European server thing though. If there is some banter and some familiar names at the start of the warzone you know it will be a pretty ok warzone experience. After all once you played the warzones a few hundred times you know the common tactics and the familiar names play style.

Also agreed, 10-49 PvP might be torture. I don't know how I will be able to stack 4k RWZ comms and 2,5k normal comms on my commando. People with no mods in their orange gear and so on is frustrating. Then you have the baddie calling everyone noobs when I as a healer got more damage than him and he is a marauder.

Other than that I guess it's time to find a new guild to run some premades. I'm just not lucky with guilds. My first one quit when they realized they aren't as good they thought. We lasted 10 RWZ then they quit and went to GW2 instead. If anything this game is in dire need of proper matchmaking and x-server queues. Both of which will never happen.

I guess I'll be seeing you in a few days since the community reps seems to have you on a watch list lol.