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A lot of bluster from the maras.
So when can we expect a nerf? 6.6k derps, cloak when you have them down to no health, cc immunity, can get off about 15k of damage during their invulnerability ability, oh and a speed buff. If there was open world pvp they wouldn't be looked at but in warzones where every noob and his dog has one, it iis.

Can't wait for the nerf.
I would like to respond, but I'm not exactly sure what you are claiming with all of this. I assume you are complaining about Rage with the 6.6k derps, which is more of a warrior issue than just maras. I assume cloak is their force camo, which lasts all of 4 seconds (6 if talented in carnage) and they continue being damaged, so if they have a DoT they still die. If you take 15k damage from them during UR, then you are going to die long before they have to use it. Maybe you should consider what you could do differently to avoid 15k damage in 5 seconds (3 globals). Is speed buff in reference to predation? This is not available on demand (unless other CDs are up) and stops them from using some other abilities that may be more helpful to their spec (Berserk for shockwave in Rage, heals in Anni, or lower GCD and rage cost of abilities in carnage).

Based on your comments, perhaps you should look more into the class and learn how to counter the abilities that are giving you the most trouble and plan accordingly. There is plenty of material out on these forums as well as third party sites to assist you if you continually have problems with marauders.
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