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I said it (I'm the thread starter). Marauders would be a very good class to balance around.

And I didn't mention PT Pyros because they would be a very poor class to use as a blueprint. When played well they CAN have a lot of utility (taunt, AE CC, Grapple) but as a general rule they are pretty clunky and really only do well because of their incredible burst DPS ability. And when I say clunky I mean that they are not very mobile, and don't have a lot of tools to use. Basically without their massive burst DPS they would be another vanilla DPS class with poor mobility. You might be able to make the AP mobility argument, but they have to sacrifice a lot of burst capability for that.
I'd agree with this, but it makes the point that marauders are not the sole good class (I certainly agree they're not a viable blueprint, way too easy to do well in). The viable classes are all excellent when played well and relatively balanced between each other. In my view, the non-viable classes need to be buffed up to this level, rather than 1 of the viables getting brought down.

Quote: Originally Posted by BoDiE View Post
A lot of bluster from the maras.
So when can we expect a nerf? 6.6k derps, cloak when you have them down to no health, cc immunity, can get off about 15k of damage during their invulnerability ability, oh and a speed buff. If there was open world pvp they wouldn't be looked at but in warzones where every noob and his dog has one, it iis.

Can't wait for the nerf.
15k in 4 seconds requires 7.5k per hit (GCD= 1.5 secs, UD lasts 4 seconds so only 2 abilities can be used) which is almost impossible for a marauder. Would be possible with rage, but 1 spec shouldn't determine class balance and most agree rage needs a bit of tuning anyway.

I would certainly take marauders in world pvp, UD would become even more crucial with the masses of damage flying about (predation would be even more powerful too). Cloak isn't a problem as it only lasts a few seconds, just keep an eye out for where they pop up. Note that they aren't immune to ccs either, requires the use of cooldowns (and then only limited) that would have been useful if not 'wasted'.
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