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I think the pros and cons of the past and current gear system can be debated and I'm not sure one was really better than the other. Ilum was fail and BW knew it, perhaps Ilum 2.0 will work better and give you that second daily you are looking for. As for balance, it was a joke. Smash was 2-3k better than it is now with everyone complaining. Sorcs/Sages were dominating warzones and I know of sorc healers (myself included) that felt 500k was a bad game healing. 800k healing in PUG warzones was an expectation, not a goal. Mercs were spamming Tracers for 6-7k crits with no CD. Operatives were back to back to back stabbing people to death. 0 expertise people were facing full BM geared players, a far bigger gear gap than what we have with recruit.

TL;DR you have a point with the gear, but not much else.
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