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The Question is simple. Is Illum 2.0 aka the revamp still slated for January Release? Gabe mentioned January release. This game is in need of some kind of Outdoor PvP incentive.

PvP haven't gotten a lot of love lately, and my second question is, Rated PvP Season 1, will that include Solo QUE aswell? I find it very hard to get 8 people on and when I do, the ques are farely long.
Gabe mentioned the possibility of Ilum 2.0 in January, but he was also quick to back off of that being a definite date for anything, so I wouldn't hold your breath.

Word is that the next 1.6 update is going to be a PvP update, with the new Ancient Hypergates WZ and the launch of Rated Season One. But there is no official word on this. I have also seen no mention of a solo queue for any upcoming updates.
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