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11.13.2012 , 02:21 PM | #28
I hadn't queued on my Scoundrel I am leveling (so sub 50 fog or war FWIW) since last week early where I got in a CW and swe would take a turret then go take another, only for no one to call inc on the on we had. That repeated. Screwed around on my imp toons for a week; came back to Pub side and the same thing happened..

Both times with 2 people gaurding the node.

Actually speced sawbones to try it out. Works great, but I'll be damned that when transitioning between nodes if my team isn't in an asshumping race to get the F away from being left to gaurd that they leave their sole healer there with their thumb up their *** at best. Even with an enemy still there. They just didn't want to guard the damned node; which seems opposite of the people who want to stand there and just not call.

Don't even get me started on the lack of even a taunt, let alone a guard. Most I saw as ~6k protection

This all could quite possibly happen on the other side; it just so happens to be lucky that I saw it on the pub side.

I didn't berate anyone or say anything. I just went and specced back scrapper.m I can look out for #1 as well.