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Dreg, telling all the hardcore pvp'rs that are left they should have rolled on a pvp server will not help the cause of trying to save jungma .

I personally would have loved to have had a hardcore RP/PvP Imperial guild who dressed like storm troopers
And Curbstomped Alpha into oblivion. But sadly there is no imperial RP/PvP guild on this server.

But the point is moot, F2P will not bring RPrs PvPrs or even RP/PvPrs, everyone knows this.
I wasn't telling them they should have picked another server. I simply stated I didn't understand the motivation for their choice... just like I think it's impossible for EVERYONE to know that F2P won't bring any RPers, PvPers, or RP/PvPers.

I actually know a couple hardcore RP-PvPers that came back just recently to Jung Ma (the server they initially rolled on) once they heard SWTOR was becoming F2P... before F2P went live (obviously). One in particular is a good friend of mine that just logged back in and surprised me (pleasently).

So blanket statements like "F2P will not bring RPrs PvPrs or even RP/PvPrs, everyone knows this" won't help the cause either.

I've already seen a few come back. It's not a lot... but it's enough for someone like me who's already happy about the current server of Jung Ma.

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