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11.13.2012 , 01:56 PM | #103
Again I'm not saying wakajinn is bad its a great spec, the utility is great for stopping off node in civil war. Outside of that though the thrashing blades talent for deception spec easily puts vs past thrash damage especially considering you will only ever passively crit with either skill and after your opener deception will quickly and vastly overpower anything the wakajinn can do.
But again it's about what you consider a good trade off. If I wanted utility I'd go 23-1-17 and if I wanted nothing but deeps I'd go full madness. I like what deception can do and the recklessness/lightning combo is enough range node stop for me. Others may want pull and whirlwind and others may just want DF. I consider deception the best spec we have for killing the other guys, but whatever works in your wz is great.