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Almost all of those are mezzes that if you try to attack again..well they break. Unlike marauders, you can use all your defensive CD's and secure a win or go invis and deny a win in 1vs1. Either way you win...oh also you got a gap closer and the highest speed boost ability in the game. Also you got the best defensives in the game...that includes better than any tank spec.

Also the highest damage output in PVP.
So you get it all on both fronts...gee I wonder why there are so many sents/marauders in pvp now....

Yea I'm still's not even hard anymore. You even have to list the same things more than twice.
Er, who cares if someone can win 1v1s? If you're in a 1v1 you're not playing objectives (unless guarding/soloing a point).

Powertechs still have the highest damage output in PvP and are arguably the easiest dps class to play, strange that this is not mentioned. To be honest, I think the real reason marauders are played so much are the dual lightsabers, the single pistol for pts isn't as exciting.

I personally love predation, it opens up so many possiblities in pvp. Ideally there would be more utility abilities like it.

I don't understand this fuss about healing during UD. If a healer stops healing everyone to burst a mara back up, he cannot heal anyone else well in that time. and if he's a op or merc, could drop into a lower energy band and gimp himself until it regenerates. Note that if we're talking about balance in high level pvp, my heal with be interupted by the dps assigned to shut me down, so I'll only be able to use a hot and my minor heal. Not really that intimidating Without the healing it becomes a 4 second life extender as straight afterwards you will die, ruining it as a defensive cooldown (1v1s are irrelevant in serious pvp). I wil revise my opinion if you can prove this will improve balance (godmode QQ is not a reasoned argument).

Edit: Someone said marauders should be used as the template for class balance, I'd agree with this. They have 3 viable specs, require good use of abilities to do well and offer a good utility ability. They're fun to play and other classes should be the same.

I did forget to take account of surgical probe spam in my initial statements, which will most likely be the heal used. Assuming 40% crit for an operative healer, he would able to get 2 probes off (GCD of 1.5 seconds x 2 = 3 -will get a third off half a second later assuming mara survives the 0.5 seconds) there would be 1 crit and 1 standard heal. This means a total healing of about 5.5k (3.5k crit, 2k normal) with 2k more soon after. This equates to about a quarter of the marauder's health and is operative only, proving with skilled players UD is less of a concern (with no interupts would be about 10k -two injections one crit one normal).
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