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Your logic fails.

PUG vs PUGs are balanced fights. This is a frequently demanded pvp wz style, very very popular!

PUGs vs Premades are no win fights for PUGs. Theres very low demand for this, only premades asking for it.

Premade vs Premade should be fun, balanced fights? It seems no. Since no premades are asking for it. Seems Premade vs premade is not fun since theres no demand for it.

Ergo, Premades wants easy fights with cannonfodder PUGs to kill to rank up fast.
All I want are balanced fights why is it that people think that premades only want to stomp pugs all day. That is not fun. I run rateds as often as I can but that could only be a few times a day if that as we usually don't get started until late night. I have played and beat premades as a pug it is not an impossible task unless you suck at this game (not saying you do but from my experience the majority of pugs just suck)...ok you probably are terrible at this game.

Separate the queues I would be more than happy. All I want is to not have to wait 30 minutes plus for a pop if I choose to queue with my guild for normal warzones. Also there would still be complaints about gear gap and class imbalance which would still entertain me enough on the forums during the work day when things are slow.