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TBH, the OP has stated his intention (however effective) was to shed light on the abilities of the marauder rather than to simply QQ. Seeing as you have hijacked his thread at this point for a mind-numbing recount of every ability that marauders have, while ignoring the abilities that other classes possess as well, I would kindly ask that you move your argument to another thread (lord knows there aren't enough nerf mara threads going on for you to find one). Should you have some input as to how you would suggest maras be changed to improve the state of the game based on the abilities as mentioned in the OP or how other classes may be changed to be brought more in line, feel free to continue posting and we can have a constructive discussion on the topic.

So far all I've gotten from your numerous posts is that mara DCDs are too much and other classes that have similar abilities are fine because they don't have as many. Please tell me (anyone can feel free to help out):
1) What you would change or take away from the toolbox of the marauder to balance the PVP game out?
2) Why do you feel the change is necesssary?
3) Would this change make the AC unusable in PVP or how could the class counteract the nerf to continue being a viable AC?

If you are able to provide a response including the above parts, then I believe you can open a constructive dialogue with people who understand the class the best.
When UR is up, marauders cannot receive any healing.
Remove the stealth part of the aggro dump marauders get but keep the damage reduction and the speed boost if talented.

That's all it would take to fix it. I give you props for actually making a reasonable post.