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Remember the good old days when as a stealther (Scoundrel in my case) you could ninja cap a turret in civil War.

You know how it went, sneak up, Tranq Dart the lone defender and begin capping. The defender breaks the dart CC and you reply with Flash Grenade. Now, with their CC breaker on cooldown, and with them therefore out for the full 8 second count, it's a job well done for you, turret taken.

Except, of course, when 1.4 bubbles are involved. So following the scenario above what happens. Well hey, no problem for the lone, bubbled sorceror because even though they are supposedly stunned full the full count on your Flash Grenade, having blown their only CC on the dart stun, there is always the magic "off button".

Just toggle off the bubble and flash, wham, one stunned Scoundrel, me, thus ruining the otherwise perfect ninja cap.

Seriously Bioware, this ability to toggle off bubbles for stun effects, even whilst the player is stunned needs to go.
I agree, in my opinion patch 1.4 was one of the worst, most needless patches they ever came out with, the CC's are way way way over board. its no longer PVP, its PVCC. thats all folks do in WZ's now is spam cc's there is no skill, no effort, no team play, just toss out the cc for the win.

In my opinion a CC should only be reserved for two reasons BW.
1. getting away from a player.
2. capping a node, or preventing a player from capping a node.

the sole purpose in wz's should not be centered around how many times you can cc a player, thats just silly!
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