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11.13.2012 , 12:43 PM | #726
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The ONLY reason premades are objecting solo pvpers from getting q of thier own is that they want easy opponents to pick on.

If they are looking for a challange they shouldnt object getting us soloers outta the way, since they should like to fight other premades so they get thier "challange". But NO. They want us soloers to stay as cannonfodder for them.
listen...let me do waht you are doing...

"solo queuers jsut want solo queue becaus ethey dont want a chalenge and only want easy games."

see? that was easy...same reason applies there, u know why? because separating them makes no sense in an mmo...stop being and anti social freak and get into a premad eor make you doesnt tkae mroe then 5-10 mins..INTERACT WITH PEOPLE...thats what mmos are for...if u cant do it online you migth as well stop bereathign because theres no salvation for you..

the only was casual solo queue could exist was if the rewarded NOTHING! coms..."easyness" shoudnt be rewarded....ever..