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11.13.2012 , 12:31 PM | #104
Quote: Originally Posted by AsiriusNazriel View Post
4-second non-channeled stun
8-second mez
Dedicated burst heals > 2% heal on a crit
God mode
3-sec God mode and burst heals to replenish all health
Out of combat 8 second mez
Cover mechanic for preventing Force Charge

AND top of this, I don't care about operatives. They are FINE! I don't care if they have burst heals or a 3 second god mode, it's part of the class.

QQ away.

Almost all of those are mezzes that if you try to attack again..well they break. Unlike marauders, you can use all your defensive CD's and secure a win or go invis and deny a win in 1vs1. Either way you win...oh also you got a gap closer and the highest speed boost ability in the game. Also you got the best defensives in the game...that includes better than any tank spec.

Also the highest damage output in PVP.
So you get it all on both fronts...gee I wonder why there are so many sents/marauders in pvp now....

Yea I'm still's not even hard anymore. You even have to list the same things more than twice.