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I appreciate the replies, guys...but I really don't think that's the source of the issue.

I'm trying to solo the FP, with a companion out. I'm a level 41 commando. I've gone so far as doing nothing but hitting him with Hammer Shot.

The issue is that the companion eventually gets backed up against the door that closes behind you when you begin the encounter, goes *through* it, and General Ortol follows...resetting the fight.

I've gone so far as trying to put the companion away and trying to solo him myself, but his knockback keeps pushing me back out into the flames.

I just want to restate again, this is NOT an issue with excessive DPS - the rockets all going off is NOT my problem.

The issue is that the door isn't an effective barriers, and Ortol exits the room, then resets while following a companion.
In ANY FP when you leave the room the boss will reset. I've had it happen MANY times on Athiss when people would get aggro and leave the room. The only way to fix this is to have your comp on passive when they get near the door. It is not a glitch or a bug, just like running away from mobs makes them evade. You get out of a certain area or too far away they will reset. Simple.
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