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Quote: Originally Posted by TridusSWTOR View Post
Because they get a 3 sec god mode....that's it.

Let's check out marauders though:

God mode
Invis + dmg reduction
Cloak of pain
Saber ward
Self heals

Let's keep comparing Ops vs marauders though and see who wins the OP challenge.
4-second non-channeled stun
8-second mez
Dedicated burst heals > 2% heal on a crit
God mode
3-sec God mode and burst heals to replenish all health
Out of combat 8 second mez
Cover mechanic for preventing Force Charge

AND top of this, I don't care about operatives. They are FINE! I don't care if they have burst heals or a 3 second god mode, it's part of the class.

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