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So "who can do the biggest hit" doesn't interest me at all as the situation always varies. What would be interesting to see though, is how those same attacks affect different ACs / builds / gear set-ups.

For example: What would the smash look like for a smash specced jugg/guard on the different classes assuming the same level of gear. How would it look on different levels or setups of gear eg. recruit / BM / WH / min-maxxed WH. And of course how the smash performs using different types of gear.

Maybe the results come out that there isn't an enormous difference, or maybe it is huge! We all have our anecdotal evidence, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. Or maybe it is too much work seeing as it is just a game, and we should just have fun. At the very least it would confirm/refute the argument that pvp is all gear based.
Also, after reading this I realize I shouldn't post right after work.
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