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smuggler- stuck with Corso until i got risha- since then he's only appeared if i got a companion item that none of the others liked or if i wanted to flirt with an NPC. did get to do one of his companion missions.
Risha i enjoyed- was almost like you got her second given all the time you spend with her before she joins you.
Guss and Akaaavi i've been splitting time between, Guss generally just seems to make funny remarks and Akaavi is a bit too serious.. Bowdaar just sort of guards the kitchen.

SW- Vette and jaesa i enjoy, probably Vette more but haven't progressed as far as i could yet because i'm testing a "three way dance" scenario so been working with jaesa affection mostly. haven;t used any of the others, just noticed the other day at lvl 41 Quinn's still running around in lvl 20 gear.

SI- Khem's about the only one i've had any interest in. Androkus is kinda there and Ashara makes me wish i had the purebloo slap upside the head ability.

BH- Mako's been fun, only have Gault otherwise.

IA- kailyo is annoying and is the only one i have atm

JK- kira (char is still in the teens) and the droid are ok but nothing special just yet since the char's so low.

haven't made a trooper and got bored with the JC around lvl 5 so can;t help anyone there.
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