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11.13.2012 , 12:03 PM | #44
I was experiencing this same issue. It started after 1.4 up until then my computer had no issues since release. My computer would crash shortly after log-in, then it would run smoothly for an hour or so then start crashing to desktop after 15 min then 5 min then it would crash every minute or so. I thought maybe it was my video card overheating but I could run other games without any issues after my crashes to desktop. I did everything I could to fix the issue. Made sure all my drivers were up to date, defraged my hard drive, repaired my directories, scanned my computer for viruses ( mulitple times ) , tried the repair option at login ( multiple times ) , deleted the game and reloaded it ( twice ) nothing helped except reloading the game seemed to make the problem reset. Finally I deleted the Windows updates that had been down loaded onto my computer shortly before I started having issues with the game. After deleting those updates I restarted my computer and started playing SWTOR and it ran smoothly. After my gaming session I shut down my PC and it reinstalled the updates I had deleted. I did not want it to but I guess I forgot to shut off my auto-update option. At any rate, I have been playing SWTOR without any issues since I did this. I am not sure if I just got lucky or if those Windows updates were corrupt and messing with my game.