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Every class has the potental to be "OP" ive done it with my Gaurdian my Vangaurd and my Comando. I adverage 6 solo kills a game with all 3 classes and usualy top 3 medalists. People just should stop QQ bout certain classes being OP cause anyone can be "OP" if u know your class and play it right. Currently there is only 1 mara tht can solo me 50% of the time and shes a good friends and its always a good fight. They rest of the time my vangaurd has no issues with them. Its all about useing every single ability u can and its ALL situational. When to use this and when 2 use tht kinda stuff. So my advice is to really learn your favorite class and become tht "OP" class.
That's a nice thought (I wish it were true) but you are wrong. There are some classes (especially the Commando/Mercenary) who can not become "OP" as you put it no matter how geared or skilled they are. That's called class imbalance.

What you experience in an unranked WZ only shows that you are playing againts baddies. Not that your class is powerful.