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Firstly, God mode is for Sins and Shadows and no one else (2 abilities to basically make you immune to all damage and cc).
You have shown yourself to be a knowledgable poster so I won't make a big deal out of it and call you a baddie, but this is incorrect.

Force Shroud is the only defensive that grants stun immunity, but it also leaves the Sin vulnerable to white damage.

Deflection gives partial reduction just like most other defensive discs.

Even hitting them both at the same time does not grant the damage protection UR does. Not even close. It is very probable that you will lose a boatload health during the duration; especially if you are being focused while a Marauder with UR roing CANNOT be killed for the duration as long as he has more than like 100 hps. Oh yeah and then after 5 secs when Force Shroud wears off you are toast cause you know everyone was saving their big attack waiting for you to stop glowing. At that point the Sin is SOL, while the marauder has 3 more defensives to go.

Plus if a Sin does that he is SOL cause he just blew everything (maybe you have blackout if you are deception), while a marauder still has 3 more defensives to go.

There is really no cmparison to UR.

<<<<Reminder: The point of my thread is to honestly explain the capabilities of a Marauder in PVP. I think that, because of how well the class has been designed, Marauders should be used as a baseline to balance classes (in relation to DPS, Utility, and counter-tactics).

The problem as I see it is that no one will be honest for fear of being nerfed. Abilities are down-played, fingers pointed at other classes, and no one wants to admit that Marauders are one of the most streamlined classes in PVP. I would say that Assasins and Snipers are fairly streamlined as well. some other classes are clunky and ineffective; lacking the tools they need; especially the mercenary.

But I don't think anyone will agree while there is so much wool being pulled over people's eyes. Undying rage is not just a Hail Mary ability that fails to get the job done 90% of the time. Same can be said about Predation, Bloodthirst, etc, etc. There are some classes that are significantly lacking in tools like this, and some classes who have had tools takesn away from them. It's just another thing that makes PVP less fun to play that should be fixed.>>>>>