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11.13.2012 , 11:51 AM | #90
Every class has the potental to be "OP" ive done it with my Gaurdian my Vangaurd and my Comando. I adverage 6 solo kills a game with all 3 classes and usualy top 3 medalists. People just should stop QQ bout certain classes being OP cause anyone can be "OP" if u know your class and play it right. Currently there is only 1 mara tht can solo me 50% of the time and shes a good friends and its always a good fight. They rest of the time my vangaurd has no issues with them. Its all about useing every single ability u can and its ALL situational. When to use this and when 2 use tht kinda stuff. So my advice is to really learn your favorite class and become tht "OP" class.