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I just want to know which MMO I can play that I do not have to worry about wasting money on. I'm sick of buying these MMOs that start off serious, then end up as an amusement park. If they wanted an amusement park, they should have started off as I could avoid that game like the plague. Now, the game I have loved since Beta is slowly but surely turning in to a circus side show and for all the people that love their new circus, I'm obviously stuck with it...assuming I don't finally get fed up with it and leave.
None, until the actual serious MMO-seeking crowd stops bailing out. For an MMO to work out, funding is required. And at a certain point, subscribers become the prime source of funding.

However, within the MMO-seeking crowd, this funding is hard to be found as they simply cannot stick to a title anymore. 15 years ago, you joined an MMO for years, you took its flaws for granted whilst you kept on financially contributing to its improvement.

Now? 3 days post launch (or even prior to release) many MMO players already start complaining as to how feature wise a product which was developed in 5 years, cannot match against a product which was developed in 5 years + had 5+ years of post-launch updating, fine-tuning and expansion packs. So they instantly bail out, or even withdraw pre-orders.

Hence, no further income for the MMO dev, the MMO dev has to obtain their income from elsewhere. So where to get it instead? That's right, the casual crowd who gives a flying duck about all that endgame raiding, endgame PvP, etc.

And MMO after MMO keeps getting nailed down due to it, as players expect some magical creation to instantly have everything, and the moment they come out of their dream bail out once more.

More and more publishers aren't even taking into account the support of such a MMO crowd anymore, directly launching off with games targeted at a more casual population to make sure they don't encounter needless hurdless set in place to artificially increase longevity.

In short: Never, the MMO genre of back in the days is dead, and to be quite frank (as much as many like to blame publishers) we are to blame for that as well.
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