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I believe your post was stating that class balance can only be based on the maximum potential of the class because it is impossible to determine the "average". Seeing as they can measure how players are playing their classes and see that a majority of people are not meeting that potential, they can then make changes to improve the class without increasing the overall capability of the class. I believe this is directly related to your argument.

As I said in my earlier post, you can argue whether or not their particular changes truly assisted players and it does not change my point that the way classes are balanced is contrary to your statement. Perhaps you were not affected by the change because you were more skilled and not performing at the low end of their expectations. Perhaps since this particular question was directed towards PVE, it was not a change that was meant to affect you in PVP.

Regardless, it is proof that class balance happens at multiple levels of gameplay, not simply the ideal player skill.
I see what you are saying, but its not quite making your point. If they were talking about increasingDecreasing a damage on an ability, lowering a cooldown, or introducing a new mechanic to the class then I would consider that balancing. All they did was make heat management easy. That really doesn't affect class balance's more like a bug fix.

Now I don't claim to know exactly how Bioware determins how to balance classes, but it doesn't matter because you can never reach balance when you are using subjective factors. If they did that then class balance would become simply the devs opinion on how strong each class should be in any given area. This obviously would be a terrible way to balance classes since everyone is bias towards their personal experience in WZs and the classes they play.