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Tim! Where are you?! There are a bunch of Chicken Littles here!

I don't know how we can even judge a story that hasn't even been written yet. Michael Arndt is just mulling over ideas at this point. We have everything from approaching David Prowse for repriseing Vader to completely demolishing the EU. Leleand Chee will have his say I'm sure. Even GL followed the EU unless it really conflicted with his "vision." These are just ideas that will be thrown around. There will be a million rewrites and on stage edits.

Just look at some of the classic lines in SW. Leia: I love you. Han: I know. <---- Ad libbed. Harrison Ford did that on his own. That was his own direction. Hell it made them rewrite the scene at the shield generator on Endor so Carrie could get him back over that comment. It's done all the time. Plus what ends up on the cutting room floor because it breaks up pacing or whatever. This can't be judged until we see it on the screen.

So let Arndt get to writting before we make any judgements. At least wait until a Director is chosen. Shesh!
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