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Hi everyone! The most recent word on hood toggle is from Matt Boudreaux in this post in early October:

"Hood up and hood down is still in the works. Unfortunately, it requires a few changes to our art pipeline and reprocessing those assets by the artists. The team has been hard at work on our upcoming content, and priorities put hood up/down on the back burner just a bit, but it's still on the To Do list and we are still very much aware of the demand - by developers and players alike!"

The feature is still something we want to add, but we don't have a date at this time.
We've seen it. We also saw the two posts in my sig. Considering there's an 80-something page thread in the JK forum about this that started during pre-release and the fact that alot of us are at wit's end especially after we were promised it during 1.3? If you're wanting to sell things in the cartel market to make us chase hood down then maybe the free option is better for us. We'll pay you again when you do the work we, essentially, hired you for.
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