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Does anyone have a good reference as to optimizing your burst dmg when running rage spec?

I am currently in Full WH gear with my main stats being 1759 str, 727 power, 1321 expertise
i currently have a mix of str/power augments and wonder if i should go all out str vs all out power (i am focusing
on increasing burst dmg).

As well i think my expertise is a little high and was gonna sub 50 expertise for roughly a 30 str and 20 endurance increase.
If you have full war hero set, first of all grats! It takes a lil'while to get that.

What I'd suggest is saving yer comms for the wh vindicator sabre(2000rwz comms), and then removing the mods/enhancements from sabre. Remove all mods/enhancements from existing gear(keep the old ones), and replace with the new power/surge sabre ones. Keep doing this until all crit/accuracy existing mods are replaced.

Best way to get more power is to replace expertise crystals with power ones.