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11.13.2012 , 11:00 AM | #18
What I wonder is if it's not as simple as coding in a toggle. I wonder if they hard coded themselves in a corner with robes. You'll notice that robes which hoods disappear when we show head gear are just that, hoods disappear completely and are not shown as down.

I wonder like many things they done, didn't anticipate and/or ignored what the beta testers were complaining about that they coded the robes in a way that will require them to have to completely rework every robe in the game. I wonder if we have been nothing but lied to this whole time just in the hopes that a few more people will hang on to the hope and thus hang on to subscribing a little longer before all patience is lost. Kinda like the super secret space project, same sex romance thing, open world PVP and whatever else.

Why would they come out and say something will never happen or it will take a year to fix when they know it will cost subscriptions when all they have to do is throw the occasional hint and soon™ knowing that a few will bite on that and keep subscribing.
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