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We wiped time and time again, but crawled through the FP and ended up at the final boss.. The tank was adamant that he had done it all many times before, but still he insisted on taking all the charges from the "I have a trick" phases EVERY time even though I told him it was what was wiping us.
That's funny, when I PuG LI on my healer, I actually ask the tank to just eat the charges rather than dodge them. Even though it requires some focused healing on the tank at that point, I find that better than risking spreading them around to the DPS. But I also expect the DPS to not stand in poison and require a lot of cleansing....if a DPS get's more than 5 stacks over the entire fight, I consider them to be a fail.

Now my guild tanks can dodge them and not take a single one, which kinda makes me sad because then I have nothing to do but help DPS.