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11.13.2012 , 10:50 AM | #4
Merc AoE ability is above average relative to other classes for PvE purposes only. Sorcs are better at it, and even PT/Vanguard is about the same given the poor heat/damage profile of Sweeping Blasters. Still, Mercs are above average AoE dealers for PvE.

But in PvP, Merc are definitely below average AoE platforms. The only viable AoE attacks the Merc has in PvP are Explosive Dart and Fusion Missile (when combined with TSO and Power Surge). Everything else is going to be interrupted leaving you with a heat headache and little else. That gives you an AoE attack every 13.3 seconds, with the vast majority of those coming from the very weak Explosive Dart.

Compare that to the dozens of Smash Monkeys roaming warzones, who if properly piloted can get off a auto crit Smash every 10 seconds or less. A Smash which does about 4x as much damage as the pathetic Explosive Dart.

In a densely packed warzone, a top tier player piloting a Smash Monkey will score damage output about 50% higher than a top tier player using Merc dps. In a warzone featuring mostly 1v1 activity, the Smash Monkey will still output damage about 30% higher than the Merc dps. With better survivability and more team utility.