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11.13.2012 , 10:49 AM | #146
don't even bother with Captain Zone he's a complete joke.
We got into a big argument over Boba Fett. I showed him that George Lucas said that fett died and he still thinks just because there are books written about him it must make it true. When we first started here he didn't even know what the Canon system was.

He even refused to beleive in it until other people yelled at him and then he accepted the canon system but refused to believe that George Lucas had any say in it.

He is always proven wrong and fails to admit it. Oh wait thats not true about a month ago he tried saying that the cloning process was the same in the Clone Wars and in the Thrawn Trilogy. I proved him wrong and he finally admitted he was wrong about something.

Course he got everything else wrong about that too but he wont admit it. He just says he hasn't read it in a while.

He supposedly put me on ignore but still reads all my posts and responds.

He is 100% a real life Sheldon Cooper. it's kind of funny actually.

3 people show actual proof that he is wrong and he ignores it.

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