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11.13.2012 , 10:36 AM | #111
I will answer my own question, you and I both know that just because you think this whole game is one pos the game won't have this magical change to fit your expectations, especially now that we are almost 1 year into this game. This game caters to a group of gamers and you are just not among them. However you, for some reasons which I can only justify in my head as trying to either troll, or the behavior pattern known is psychology as schadenfreude.

Any person who has already judged this game as pos like you do would have nothing to do with the discussion boards of the game unless to seek some sort of sick pleasure from seeing the game called pos in he same fanaticism as you have. And that, is just sick.

This game is not for you, get over it, and divert your attention to something else.
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