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^this! haha!
but seriously, it breaks my heart that they are rewriting star wars history after the movies, basically saying "F" you to novels and other expanded universe lore. no Jaina, Jacen or Anakin Solo, no Thrawn, no C'Baoth, no New Jedi Order, no Mara Jade no Ben Skywalker... it's going to be like none of that ever happened. i could be wrong and i hope i am.

just my 2 cents
To be honest I'm loat these new "Star Wars films" as non-canon. I'm sorry, but one cannot make such a ******** idea and disregard decades of amazing stories. I doubt I'll even watch any of these new poor excuses for movies.

Which is sad.

JJ ruined Star Trek's imagine and now Disney will ruin Star Wars itself and its imagine. *** am I supposed to like anymore? Everything I've loved being a fan of has been killed off one way or another in the past years.