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When I got kalligs countenance way back in the game. I couldn't fund any armor it went with well, so I sold it. Now I'm lev 50, and realized it looks Awsome, when paired with columni gear. Any idea how I can get a light armor look alike? I know there's a heavy version for 50 jugge, but can't find any light ones.
Two words: you're screwed. only chance is to request item recovery from CS.

I did the same for the good-looking Blade Tyrant's chestguard, back in December, which is only available from Dromund Kaas story-arc and I really regret it. I'll try and request the recovery.
Atris' robes are great. But how about letting players wear the robes that are already in the game but not accessible to them? - Cool compilation of Jedi outfits worn by NPCs.

Don't let your artists' work go to waste, Bioware