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When I got kalligs countenance way back in the game. I couldn't fund any armor it went with well, so I sold it. Now I'm lev 50, and realized it looks Awsome, when paired with columni gear. Any idea how I can get a light armor look alike? I know there's a heavy version for 50 jugge, but can't find any light ones.
Two words: you're screwed. only chance is to request item recovery from CS.

I did the same for the good-looking Blade Tyrant's chestguard, back in December, which is only available from Dromund Kaas story-arc and I really regret it. I'll try and request the recovery.
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Almost 3 years old and there are still no iconic / classic / traditional / prequel-style (pick any!) Jedi robes in the game! How come?

Also how about letting players wear the robes that are already in the game but not accessible to them? - Cool compilation of Jedi outfits worn by NPCs.

Don't let your artists' work go to waste, Bioware